Inexpensive Business Holiday Presents – Thank Your Current and Previous Customers

You already know that business holiday presents are a great way to reach out to your clients, which include current, past customers you haven’t seen in a while and prospective clients. But if you’ve ever been on the receiving end, you know that oftentimes corporate gifts are impersonal, generic and boring.

By using a little creativity you can express your appreciation and (hopefully) drum up some business without breaking the bank. Read on to discover a few ideas you can use this holiday season.

Send a non-fiction book or booklet with a note that highlights sections pertinent to your client. For instance, if your client just bought a new cat, a cat care book would be a nice idea. You can include a note that on page fifteen there is a list of foods that a cat should never eat. A lawyer recently sent out my stress reduction booklet as a gift to a previous client with back pain and highlighting a few exercises they could do in their chair. She let me know that the client was very appreciative by this gesture and his wife was going to give the lawyer’s name to her boss who needed some legal work. Of course, we don’t always personally know the circumstances of our clients and customers, but sending a booklet with a nice card means a lot to people.

Make up a brief tipsheet to send with your cards. Include tips and tricks relevant to your industry, and set it up as a ‘Top 5′ or ‘Top Ten’ list. Let them know you made this up specifically for them, and format it in a way that will be easy for them to post up around their office or work area.

Give a gift certificate to a class at a gym, yoga studio or even a park pass that can be used for a weekend break.

These are some ideas for business holiday presents that your clients will not only appreciate, but thank you for. By giving presents that directly benefit them, you position yourself as someone who actually cares about them and they will want to do more business with you in return when your services are needed. If you haven’t heard from a previous client in a while, it is nice to reach out to them and let them know you are thinking about them.